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Avraham b. Chaim

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text by Ruth Marcus

Avraham b. Chaim

  • Avraham b. Chaim - Family Tree

    The Eliashberg/Eliasberg families from the province of Minsk, Byel.

    The following names appear in the Hebrew book "The City Of Vilna" by Hillel Noach Magid:
    Rabbi Yosef Eliah Eliashberg ben (son of) R. Avraham Chasid Zoludeker ben R. Chaim Zoludeker who lived at the time of Ha'Gaon Rabbi Eliah from Vilna. [Note : Ha'Gaon from Vilna was born in 1722 and died in 1797.]

    Rabbi Yosef Eliahu Eliashberg ben Avraham Chasid Zoludeker had three sons who were born somewhen in the 18th century. Their names were:

    (1) Rabbi Zeev-Wolf (Kaminer Ivenitzer)
    (2) Rabbi Itzchak-Isaac Ivenitzer.
    (3) Rabbi Israel Shmuel ABD (Av Bet Din) Kamien.

    [Note: The location of the towns Zheludok, Ivenets and Kamien are:

    Zheludok, Byel. (Zoludek, Zolodok) at 53.36/24.59.
    Ivenets, Byel. (Aivenitz) at 53.53/26.45.

    Kamien might be Kamenets, Byel. (Kamenets Litovsk, Kamieniec Litewski) at 52.24/23.49 but this is a little far from Zheludok and Ivenets which are all not very far from Vilnius and Minsk. There is a little town, Kamen at 55.01/28.53 which is west of Vitebsk and north of Lepel and a little closer to the others. They were all in Lithuania (the Grand Duchy) pre-partition.].

    (1) Rabbi Zeev-Wolf Eliasberg had two sons and one daughter whose names were:

    (1a) Rabbi Yosef Eliah Eliasberg who was probably named after his grandfather. He was born in Ivenets in 1798 and died in 1881. He was known as R. Yosef Eliahu Lapp (his father-in-law, R. Isaac ben Ha'cohen, had a nickname of Lapp). Rabbi Yosef Eliah Eliasberg is mentioned in prenumerantn lists of the following books: "Toldot Bene he-Adam"; Vilnius, 1835; "Ateret Shaul"; Vilnius, 1841; "Emek Halakha";Vilnius, 1845; and "Neum David"; Vilnius, 1875.

    (1b) Rabbi Yehuda-Betzalel (1800-1847) who lived in Lithuania and was a translator. He translated a medical book from Polish to Hebrew, that he called: "Marpe La'am" ("Cure for the People"). Yehuda Bezalel is mentioned in prenumerantn lists of the book "Toldot Bene he-Adam"; Vilnius, 1835.

    (1c) Gitl, wife of Eliah ben Harav Ha'Gaon Gershon Harkabi.

    (2) Rabbi Itzchak Ivenitzer had at least one son and one daughter .

    (2a) The daughter was named Chaya Beile (died in 1840). She was a wife of Avraham Parnes (1815-1893). Avraham Parnes and Chaya Beile had two sons: R. Isaac (died in Dubna in 1872) and Rabbi Leibale (died in Minsk in 1876).

    (2b) Yedidiah Lipman Eliasberg of Ivenets:
    Yedidiah Lipman had two sons: Moshe Chaim Eliasberg and Samuel Eliasberg of Minsk. Samuel married Gitel Landau

    The decendants of Yedidiah Lipman ben R. Itzchak-Issac Ivenitzer are related through marriage to the Lurie families of Minsk/Pinsk, and are listed in The Unbroken Chain by Neil Rosenstein. Some of the descendants live in Israel and changed their last name to Harel or Hareli (meaning: Mount of Eliahu). [note: more Eliasbergs are mentioned in the book because of their relationship to Luria family].

    (3) Rabbi Israel-Shmuel of Kamien went to Palestine and died in Tzfat (Zafad) in 1824. Nothing is known about his descendants.


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