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Avraham b. Chaim

Bernard b. Abraham

Ephim b. Ber

Joseph b. Joseph

Joseph b. Yehuda-Leib

Gerasim b. Joseph

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text by Ruth Marcus

Joseph b. Joseph

  • Joseph b. Joseph - Family Tree

    According to Paul Eliasberg of the Netherlands, the founder of the Dutch branch of Eliasberg families was named Joseph Eliasberg.

    Joseph Eliasberg was born, according to the records of Haarlem, on May 15th 1848 in Padbrzevo. (indeed, other records mention Padbrzese, Podberezie). In Hamburg (don't know when he moved to Hamburg) he married Maria Christiana Zimmerling, born on May 14th 1850. Their son Heinrich Eliasberg was also born in Hamburg on March 6th 1877. Shortly after his birth the family moved to Haarlem (the Netherlands). Joseph and his wife had two more sons and two more daughters who were born in Haarlem between 1879 to 1885. One of their son was named: Joseph Eliasberg (b.1881 in Haarlem). [Note: Paberze is 17 miles north of Vilnius. It was in Vilna Gubernia.]


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