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text by Ruth Marcus

Joseph b. Yehuda-Leib

  • Joseph b. Yehuda-Leib - Family Tree

    The Eliashberg family from the province of Kovno, Lith. (Ruth Marcus' ancestors).

    The founder of the family was named: Rabbi Yosef Eliashberg (b. ca. 1799, d. 1870) son of Yehuda-Leib from Rumsiskes, near Kovno. (Leib is a Yiddish name for both Yehuda and Arie). Yehuda-Leib died sometime before 1834 [presumably his great-grandson Itzko Leib (b.1834) was named after him]. It is interesting to note that R. Yosef Eliashberg ben Yehuda Leib Rumsisker lived at the same time as R. Yosef Eliah Elishberg ben Zeev Wolf Ivenitzer. It is possible that R.Yosef of Rumsiskes (b. ca. 1799) was also named after R. Yosef Eliah ben Avraham Chasid Zoludeker. The crucial point is that the name of Yehuda Leib's father is unknown.

    Yosef Eliashberg Rumsisker married Yocheved. One of their sons was Rabbi Mordechai Eliashberg. R. Yosef and Yocheved had more children whose names are unkown. Rabbi Yosef was a teacher of Torah (Moreh Tzedek) to youngsters in Rumsiskes. He went to Palestine when he was old. He died in 1870 and was buried on Mount of Olives in Jerusalem.


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