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text by Ruth Marcus

Key Open Questions

  1. What was the relationship (if at all) between Rabbi Yosef Eliah Eliashberg, son of R. Avraham Chasid Zoludeker, and R. Yehuda-Leib, the father of Yosef Eliashberg Rumsisker?

    The crucial point is that we don't know the name of Yehuda-Leib's father. Historically, Jews were settled in Rumsiskes and Cekiske at the end of the 18th century. From 1795-1843 Cekiske belonged to the province (Guvernia) of Vilna and from 1843 to 1915 to Kovno province. It is, therefore, possible that the origion of our family is from the region of Vilna/Minsk and that one of our ancestors (presumably Yehuda-Leib) moved to Rumsiskes.

    It appears that R. Yehuda Leib son of ? was younger than R. Yosef Eliah Eliashberg, son of R. Avraham Chasid Zoludeker. It should be emphasized that Yosef Rumsisker ben Yehuda-Leib and Yosef Eliah, grandson of Yosef Eliah ben R. Avraham Chasid Zoludeker, were born at about the same time (between 1790 to 1800). There here are a few possibilities:

    1. Yehuda-Leib's father was Avraham Chasid Zoludeker. In this case, Yehuda-Leib (who was a young brother of Yosef Eliah ben Avraham Chasid Zoludeker) called his son Yosef after his elder brother, Yosef Eliah, who died in ca. 1798.
      Note also that Yehuda-Leib had a great-grandson whose name was Avraham (son of Mordechai).

    2. The father of Yehuda-Leib was Israel-Shmuel ben Yosef Eliahu Eliashberg. Israel-Shmuel died in Tzfatd in 1824. It could be that Yosef Eliashberg son of Yehuda-Leib, went to Palestine like his gradfather (?) Israel-Shmuel did.

    3. In a section about Rumsiskes [Iddish book of Lita by Berl Kagan, p.550)] there is a mention to: Reib Yehuda-Leib son of Isaac (Itzchak) Katz known as Leibale Rumsisker. Rabbi Leibale Rumsisker died in 1806 and was buried in a cemetry in Vilna. It could be that Leibale Rumsisker son of Isaac Katz is Yehuda-Leib, the father of Yosef Eliashberg. However, Katz means "Cohen Tzedek" and it is known that the descendants of R. mordechai Eliashberg were not "Choanim" (Cohens).
      It should be checked whether the Eliasbergs of the Minsk region are "Cohanim" (Cohens).

  2. How is Josef Eliasberg (b. 1848) related to Yosef Eliashberg (b. ca. 1799) ben Yehuda-Leib of Rumsiskes and to Yosef Eliah Eliasberg (b. 1798) ben Zeev-Wolf of Ivenets, who were older than him in about 50 years, and were both alive when he was born?

  3. Was Matvey Eliashberg a descendant of Movsha-David or of Avraham Eliashberg, sons of Mordechai?

  4. Is the Abraham from Bernard b. Abraham the Abram, son of Itzko Leib, from Joseph b. Yehuda-Leib?


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