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text by Ruth Marcus

Gerasim b. Joseph

  • Gerasim b. Joseph - Family Tree

    Matvey Gerasimovich Eliashberg of Lenindrad (in the former USSR). Matvey was born at the beginning of this century. [Note: Matvey is a Russain name of Modrechai or its nickname Motale; Gerasimovich= son of Gerasim; Gerasim=Hersh or Gershon; Hebrew name of Gers/Hersh is Tzvi.]

    Matvey had three sons: Gerasim Matveevich Eliashberg (a famous physicist who works in super-conductivity who is a citizen of Russia), Victor Eliashberg and Yakov Matveevich Eliashberg (a professor in methematics in Stanford University.


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